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Ready for certification

Right after we launched our first certification last week, two questions stood out. First, why is Acquia doing the certification? And why did it take them so long? I saw these as two sides of the same coin. I wanted to reflect a bit on the history of this project.

Finishing Line by comedy_nose

Click here for full details of Acquia’s Drupal certification.

Acquia Debuts Certification Program, Expands Learning Services [March 20, 2014]

Unveils Industry’s First Certification Program for Drupal and Acquia Solutions, Helps Organizations Validate Skills and Foster Continuous Improvement

Learn Drupal in Portland, OR

Are you just beginning with Drupal and you’re not quite sure where to start?

Join Melissa Anderson and the team from OpenSourcery for Drupal training this autumn in Portland, OR. See a list of their upcoming Drupal courses in Portland, Oregon. If you're not sure what Drupal can do, join the free Hello Drupal courses. If you want to expand your skills try Drupal in a Day or Site Building.

Also see the Open Sourcery Drupal Training site

Learn Advanced Site Building in the Mid-west this fall 2012

Have you inherited a Drupal site? You may be wondering how you can improve on and expand your site. Join Acquia training partner, NxtTeam for a 5 day exploration of Drupal development. Margaret Plett is an experienced trainer who will guide you through the procedures and best practices for planning your Drupal site.

The NxtTeam will be traveling to Michigan, Illinois and Texas. You can also join their team online.

Acquia Training in Washington, DC this fall

This fall, you may be thinking of starting back at school. You can improve your knowledge of Drupal at our partner training events in Washington, DC.

See a full list of Drupal training courses offered in Washington, DC.

Meet the trainers

In a recent blog post, I introduced some of Acquia's training partners, as a follow up, I wanted to introduce the trainers.

One of the things I do in my job is meet all of the new trainers who join up through our Training Partner program. I interview them initially, and then give them an orientation to the course materials and what to expect in the classroom. As they teach and we get feedback from participants, I improve the materials with the trainer's feedback, and they improve on their in-class delivery.

Global Drupal Learning Day

Global Drupal Day

Friday, June 22 has been designated by the Drupal Association as a "Global Drupal Day" - a day in which we will encourage as many people as possible to learn a little Drupal.

The goal here is to bring Drupal to the masses! One of the Drupal Association's 2012 goals is to educate more people on the Drupal project.

Student Training - Burlington, MA

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I often am using this as a soapbox from which to announce Free Student Training. And so - I return again today to do more of the same.

But I'll start with a little philosophy and context here before I get to the meat of newest set of offerings.

New to Drupal? Learn how to build an event calendar

By Heather James

Events in Drupal

Pretty much every time I run a Hello Drupal course, people want to know more about event calendars in Drupal. These two questions just came into my inbox just this morning:

Q: Is it possible to have different users logging on and updating the events/ and only have access to their own events to edit?
A: Yes! That is included with Drupal core.

Free Student Drupal Training in Western MA

Drupal adoption is ever on the rise. As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader of this space - we here at Acquia like to promote the adoption and learning of Drupal - especially among students. Sometimes we offer training directly for students, sometimes we help our partners promote their training specials for students, and sometimes we hire recent students to work with us.