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What do Band Aid, Glee and Drupal Gardens have in common?

Acquia partner, Deeson Online has created many web sites for musicians and artists using Drupal, so they weren’t phased by the request from a music industry executive to help create a site to promote donations to The Band Aid Charitable Trust.

The site www.bandaid.org.uk will be advertised at the end of an upcoming special Christmas episode of Glee to be aired in the UK on December 15.read more

How-To: Build a Site With Drupal Gardens [Oct 19, 2011]

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MaximumPC explores how to create a Drupal Gardens website in well under an hour. With Drupal Gardens, there's no need to worry about backend administration, working with frustrating FTP uploads, or paying scads to a talented web developer for his years of dedicated technical education.

Building a Partner Ecosystem for Gardens

One of the most frequent questions we’ve received since we launched Drupal Gardens has been - “where can I find someone to build a Drupal Gardens site for me?” Now, we have an answer.

 read more

Drupal Gardens improves new site builder experience

Recently the Drupal Gardens team has been working on both some exciting new major features (coming soon!) as well as simplifying the overall new user experience for those not familiar with the power of Drupal 7.  Recently we updated the Drupal Gardens service with the following new user experierence enhancements: