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Drupal for Government

Cloud First with Drupal and Acquia


In the current era of open government and tight budgets, Federal agencies must focus on doing the public’s business as transparently and as cost effectively as possible. For Federal IT managers, OMB’s Cloud First strategy holds great promise: on-demand access to shared computing services, provisioned on a scalable basis, and the ability to deliver solutions faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than custom-developed systems.

Drupal and Acquia support Cloud First initiatives across the Federal government.

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How Drupal Supports the New IT Roadmap for Digital Government


With the release in May 2012 of its new IT roadmap, Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People, the Federal Government is embarking on an ambitious effort to streamline connections with the public using digital technologies.1 “New expectations require the Federal Government to be ready to deliver and receive digital information and services anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

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Drupal's popularity growing in government [June 22, 2012]

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Friday, June 22, 2012
Government Computer News

Drupal is one of the more popular open-source content management systems used by the federal government. Just how popular the software is in the public sector was outlined by an infographic recently released by Aquia.

Drupal is used throughout the federal government, said Jessica Richmond, Acquia’s senior director of government professional services. According to Acquia, 24 percent of all .gov websites use Drupal. The software is an important part of the Digital Government strategy, which is using it to help consolidate multiple platforms and websites, she said.