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The road to a successful open source project: Learning lessons from Drupal [Jan 10, 2012]

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Tech World

By almost any measure, Drupal, an open source content management system/Web platform, should be a poster child for open source success. The PHP-based CMS, the first version of which was released by Dries Buytaert in 2001, powers the Web presence of a number of major organisations, including, since 2009, Whitehouse.gov.

When it comes what other open source projects can learn from Drupal's success, Buytaert, who is now chief technology officer of Acquia and remains Drupal's project lead, says that although he doesn't have all the answers — and that "there's no one right way" to do things — there are some lessons to be learned.

Read full article at: http://www.techworld.com.au/article/411929/road_successful_open_source_p...

Responsive Web Design with Drupal

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Voice-over: Your next web project needs to be built on Drupal using the principles of Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design is a new way of building sites that look great no matter how they’re accessed on any device; avoiding the cost and complication of investing in specific native apps or mobile sites. Note how page elements on this Drupal site automatically resize and change position as the size of the browser window or the device changes.

Your next web project needs to be accessible, look good and function on any kind of device, not just on laptop or desktop computers. Gartner predicts that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide by 2013 and concludes, “Websites not optimized for the smaller screen formats will become a market barrier for their owners.” Many mobile web users, including 25% of US mobile users, don’t use desktops, laptops or tablets to access the web. dotMobi estimates that as of July 2011, there were 6,500 distinct web-capable mobile devices in use. You don’t want to have to build a specific version of your site for every one of those. Drupal already does Responsive Web Design today with tools like the cutting-edge Omega theme written in HTML5.

Here’s the barebones Drupal site showing how the Omega theme works. It has default breakpoints to switch between grids of 1200, 960 and 720 pixels as well as a mobile version built in. Here are a few Drupal websites built using Responsive Web Design and the Omega theme. You will notice images resizing or being replaced on the fly and block and color layouts dynamically changing. The mobile version of a site theme commonly has navigation optimized for touchscreens and leaves out unnecessary page elements to improve page load speed. Drupal has always been ahead of the curve on technologies like RSS and the semantic web. Now it’s leading the Responsive Web Design charge, too, with Drupal products like OpenPublic and OpenPublish being delivered responsive design capable out of the box. Drupal makes it fast and easy to create sites that look great and function on the widest range of devices.

Drupal is a social publishing platform that powers millions of websites and online applications. It enables you to build innovative, content-rich social web experiences at every scale. With a community of hundreds of thousands of users and developers, Drupal’s success has spawned the global business ecosystem. Thousands of pieces of add-ons software extend what it can do.

Learn more at www.drupal.org.

Announcing the Launch of the King Center website and Digital Archive

This post originally appeared on Palantir.net at http://palantir.net/blog/announcing-launch-king-center-website-and-digit...

There are few figures who have had as great an impact on the history of the last century as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While every schoolchild is aware of the role he played in the American Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King’s efforts to improve society through non-violent social activism are less widely-known today.

The support we have received from Acquia has been very good, fast, and efficient. They are always adding new services and tools, so what you purchase is not static and continues to grow in value. With only three people running our web technology department, Acquia has enabled us to accomplish a lot more with Drupal than would have otherwise been possible.

Drupal Business Summit Brings the Power of Open Source to San Diego [Jan 6, 2012]

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Friday, January 6, 2012
PR Web

The social business revolution has already begun. In today’s highly interactive business landscape, Drupal —a powerful open-source, enterprise level web infrastructure—empowers companies to harness the Internet’s social strength to deliver real business value. On January 26 the power of Drupal will come to San Diego and the Southern California business community.

Leaders in the Drupal community invite executive technophiles and IT leaders to join them for the Drupal Business Summit San Diego, a one-day event for high-level decision makers designed to quickly explain the fast-growing Drupal technology and the benefits it can have on their organizations.

A cornucopia of different companies have already implemented Drupal to create communities, get closer with their customers and employees, and improve top-and-bottom line ROI.

“Drupal is a robust enterprise-grade platform that has powered some of the busiest and most expansive websites in the world,” explains Ron Huber, president of San Diego-based Achieve Internet, a leading Drupal technology company. “Its flexibility as an open-source technology can save companies serious money while delivering the performance they need. We hope the Drupal Business Summit will help enlighten the San Diego and Southern California business communities of that potential.”

Read full article at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/1/prweb9082565.htm

Assembling Mobile Experiences with Drupal

In this white paper you will learn how Drupal is used to develop mobile applications for the enterprise. Between mobile web apps and native mobile apps, Drupal is already a capable platform for assembling mobile experiences.Read full article »

Getting beyond "free" - UK government uptake of open source

Misplaced priorities hampering UK government uptake of open source

According to a computing.co.uk article entitled Open Source: The government's commitment so far, most of the IT technology used in the UK government is still proprietary and comes from single vendors.

Open Source adoption by government agencies in the UK is progressing, but is still being hindered by a focus on "free as in gratis". Decisions based on cost-of-acquisition alone ignore the other real and more important values offered by open source, which are derived from "free as in freedom".

Acquia Ads New Components to the Acquia Network for Drupal Users [Dec 1, 2011]

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Thursday, December 1, 2011
the app gap

I have covered Acquia several times on this blog (for example, see Acquia Provides Drupal Commons to Support Open Source Enterprise Collaboration and Acquia Grows with Drupal and Introduces Drupal Gardens). It provides support, services, and enhancements to make your Drupal experience more productive. Recently, I spoke with Bryan House, VP of Marketing, about their latest moves.

The best part of my job: Drupal Community Events 2011 Roundup

The best part of my job

At Acquia, I get to help make Drupal Camps and other Drupal community events successful, with financial sponsorships and other, material support. I'm proud to work for a company that truly puts its money where its mouth is in terms of helping to grow and nurture the wonderful open source project we all live, breathe, and love.

Drupal + India = opportunity

Given that there are one billion people that live in India, many of which great engineers, one can only imagine what would happen if Drupal gained serious traction in India. To that extend, I decided to make a trip to India, and spent last week in India with Jacob Singh and Ron Pruett from Acquia. The purpose of the trip was to increase awareness of Drupal in India that in 3 ways: