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I have a confession to make - after close to a decade covering XML, I have something of a new love ... and the name of that love is Drupal. Drupal's become one of those interesting hobbies that is rapidly becoming both a profession and a passion. It wasn't supposed to happen this way ...

As to Drupal, it has effectively become to web portals what Eclipse is to application development, and has the potential to significantly challenge Microsoft's Sharepoint or similar commercial portal applications in that space.

Acquia Podcast 3: Interview with Forrester Analyst Stephen Powers

In this podcast, Bryan House talks to Forrester Analyst Stephen Powers about his recent report Web Content Management and Open Source: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Listen to Stephen expand on the drivers for use of open source for WCM initiatives in the enterprise.

Loopfuse and Acquia Bring Marketing Automation to Drupal

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
CMS Wire

Loopfuse and Acquia have announced the availability of the Loopfuse Integration module for Drupal. The module links Drupal installations to the commercial Loopfuse OneView automated marketing product. The module, funded by Acquia and Loopfuse, was developed to connect the Acquia website to OneView, and has been donated to the Drupal community and is available to download at Drupal.org.

Loopfuse OneView is aimed at small to medium-size organizations, offering an ‘all-in-one’ online marketing and sales solution. Oneview is a ‘full-featured marketing automation suite’, incorporating marketing campaign implementation and tracking, generating and tracking leads from a Website, full analytics support, and CRM integration with ‘most major vendors’.

We think this is a pretty good example of the Drupal project benefitting from Acquia’s forays into the commercial realm.

Open source mash-up: Zimbra + SugarCRM, Loopfuse + Acquia

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's a good day for those running more than one open-source application in-house, particularly if you're into Zimbra (email), SugarCRM (CRM), Loopfuse (marketing automation), or Acquia (Drupal-based content management company). I've long felt that open-source integration is best done in cases of mutual self-interest, and not by committee fiat.

First, Loopfuse-plus-Acquia/Drupal:

LoopFuse and Acquia today announced the availability of the LoopFuse OneView integration module for Drupal, enabling marketing organizations to seamlessly extend their LoopFuse marketing automation processes across their Drupal web sites. Taking advantage of LoopFuse's web analytics and campaign management capabilities, Drupal site owners can track activities and connect directly with customers who participate in their community-based web sites.

As an increasing array of companies use Drupal to build collaborative websites, the need to monetize those using marketing automation tools like Loopfuse also grows. This is a great way to get the most from your Drupal investment.

Acquia named AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner

AO[1]Summit08badge250Winner.jpgWe recently received word that Acquia was named a AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner. Initially the AlwaysOn 100, this year marked the expansion of the list to 250 due to the "rapid growth of startup communities around the world." According to AlwaysOn, "this year's AO Global 250 reflects a set of trends that are about to ignite new market opportunities the whole world over."

Wanted: Drupal support engineer

One of the things we're building at Acquia is a Drupal technical support center where customers can call for help with Drupal questions. We're busy setting up a phone system, a bug tracker, a customer tracking application, a knowledge base and more. We already have some great technical support people on board, but we're looking for more Drupal talent to staff our support center.

Jeff Whatcott on Acquia

John Eckman of Optaros sat down with Jeff Whatcott, Acquia's Chief Communicator, to talk about Drupal and Acquia. Rock on, Jeff.