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Sticking to Done

One of the terms that I first heard when I joined Acquia was the “Definition of Done”. This was a concept that originated from our engineering team and when I heard it I really liked it. The idea behind the Definition of Done is simply a checklist of what has to be accomplished before you can call a sprint/release complete. I was reminded of how important this concept is today when I had to make the call to delay a release because could not pass the next step in the Definition of Done.

Drupal Development Jump Start

Are you a web developer who is new to Drupal?  Or maybe you've built some Drupal sites, but you haven't known how to approach the code?  The sheer size of Drupal can be very intimidating - and there is no manual.  So discovering best practices and how to approach the many requirements of modern websites can take many years of experience.

This webinar will slice right through all levels of a typical requirement on a Drupal website, answering the following questions:


Drupal 7 File System Changes

On July 26 and 27 I participated on behalf of Acquia in a code sprint with a great group of other Drupal contributors at the Zivetch offices in Philadelphia. Aaron Winborn has already written a good summary of the event. I want to focus here on a big piece of the work that progressed but wasn't finished at the sprint: the File API Stream Wrapper Conversion patch (which weighs in at a big 230 kB and changes 54 files).

Module Development Kickstart Presentation

Yesterday (March 4th) Gábor Hojtsy and I presented a Drupal Module Development Kickstart session at Druplcon DC.