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BrowserID: from announcement to Drupal module in under 24 hours

Yesterday, Mozilla announced a new initiative called BrowserID, which is an easy, secure way to log in to websites without having to remember your password for each individual website. So last night I wrote the BrowserID Drupal module, which lets people log in to Drupal websites using BrowserID.

Acquia Podcast 33: Interview with Angie Byron

Angie Byron, aka webchick, is probably the second most well-known person in the Drupal universe, between her awards, magazine covers, and role as the Drupal 7 co-maintainer. With her move from Lullabot to Acquia and her expanded role in the Drupal community, I caught up with her to find out what she's up to and what this move means to her work in the community.

Acquia Podcast 32: Marcus Estes on Donor Rally and Volunteer Rally

Two resources any non-profit organization needs assistance in obtaining and managing are volunteers and donations. In this episode I speak with Marcus Estes of Open Sourcery about Volunteer Rally and Donor Rally, two Drupal distributions designed to help non-profits accomplish those tasks.

Show notes:

Acquia Cloud Gettin' Git

I'm pleased to announce that the Acquia Cloud will soon support Git repositories! We're rolling this out over the next few weeks. I'd like your feedback: Are you a Git user? ... an SVN user? ...or something else? If you're a current customer, how we can make the upgrade process as painless as possible?

A writer joins Acquia

Today marks my first day as Acquia's Director of Content and Communications, although I've been following the company since its birth. I started using Drupal in late 2007 -- right around when Jay and Dries were founding the company -- to build a site that would promote a book that was soon to be published.

Mr. Men and the Google Doodle

Drupal Commons: Then and Now

Drupal Commons 1.0 was released almost a year ago, in early August. I was an intern at Mediacurrent at the time, and as the author of several social networking modules, I was intrigued.

Acquia Podcast 31: Barry Jaspan and Richard Jones on Acquia Dev Cloud

Acquia's Dev Cloud platform is one of Acquia's newest offerings, and it offers a complete cloud based development platform for professional developers. In this episode we talk to people on both sides of this platform; the provider and the user. First, Barry Jaspan of Acquia talks about the platform itself, including its goals, components, and features, and then Richard Jones of i-Kos, a user of Dev Cloud, talks about how his company uses Dev Cloud, and the benefits that it has provided to them.

Drupal Commons brightens up with new themes and UX changes in release 1.6

This morning is an exciting moment: Drupal Commons version 1.6 is released! This release brings some really exciting new advancements:

  • Two new themes. (Yay!)
  • Usability improvements
  • A collection of smaller, yet important feature advances

A Drupal Safari in London

As those that attended my last talk at DrupalCon know, I (and others before me) intend to change the way sessions are presented. In Chicago, I let the audience pelt me with 100s of Nerf Darts to describe the concepts of caching. Armed with a large blue shield aptly named "The Cookie Monster", about 20 participants fired on cue.