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Gartner: Acquia Named a Leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management*

Find out why Acquia is named a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM

White paper: Resource Guide: Developing for Mobile on Drupal

This resource guide directs you toward best practices for ensuring that your Drupal content looks just as good no matter where it ends up.Since there are two distinct areas of mobile development, each substantially different on the back-end, this guide distinguishes between mobile web sites and...

Acquia Lift: Personalization in Drupal

The days of “one-size-fits-all” marketing are over, and hyper-personalization is the new norm. Digital marketers and site owners are being asked to do more with less to engage customers, segment their audience, and offer highly tailored content.

Cloud First with Drupal and Acquia

Doing the Public’s Business
In the current era of open government and tight budgets, Federal agencies must focus on doing the public’s business as transparently and as cost effectively as possible. For Federal IT managers, OMB’s Cloud First strategy holds great promise: on-demand access to shared computing services, provisioned on a scalable basis, and the ability to deliver solutions faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than custom-developed systems.
Drupal and Acquia support Cloud First initiatives across the Federal government.

Go For Launch

Bolster Your Marketing Strategy With Focused Site Factory Development
When it comes to building a brand through digital marketing, launching websites is one of the most effective methods for promoting products or services to segmented audience groups. According to research by Dynamic Logic, 7.8 percent of visitors to a microsite are likely to be impacted by the brand messaging versus just 2.3 percent of prospects exposed to display ads.1 For marketers, investing in the deployment of frequent website campaigns can serve to drive substantial brand awareness, while enabling companies to collect detailed analytical data about their visitors.

How Drupal and Acquia Contribute to Shared Services Initiatives

Innovating with Less
As they streamline their connections with the public using digital technologies, Federal agencies are increasing their investments in shared services. “To make the most use of our resources and ‘innovate with less,’ we need to share more effectively, both within the government and with the public,” OMB states in its roadmap Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People.

How Drupal Supports the New IT Roadmap for Digital Government

With the release in May 2012 of its new IT roadmap, Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People, the Federal Government is embarking on an ambitious effort to streamline connections with the public using digital technologies.1 “New expectations require the Federal Government to be ready to deliver and receive digital information and services anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

Drupal: Powering Transformational Digital Marketing on the Open Web

We are at an inflection point in history. The digital revolution has given consumers an unprecedented level of control and choice as they spend more time researching, socializing, and buying online. To connect with these consumers and to influence their purchasing behaviors, marketers are now forced to deal with dozens of channels and engagement methods. Managing all of this is incredibly complex and time consuming, and is easier to get wrong then to get right.

When Publishers Go Digital

Publishing for the Digital Age
Long accustomed to print-driven publishing cycles, publishers must now adapt to the digital revolution just to stay in business. They can no longer simply supplement their print publications with related web sites. A growing number of readers are replacing their hard copy newspapers and magazines with digital ones, and expect to read stories on their smartphones, tablets, and e-readers before they appear in print.

When High Tech Firms Go Digital

When Speed, Flexibility, and Agility Matter
High tech firms rely on the web to promote products and services, generate leads, and cement relationships with customers and partners. Savvy firms use the
web to rapidly develop leading-edge applications that expedite sales, transform business processes, and deliver profitable results. Smart firms realize how to exploit their digital channels and maximize the returns on their investments.

Drupal in the Trenches

Four Troubleshooting Tactics to Solve Real-World Problems on the Content Management Platform
For enterprises using the open source Drupal platform, it can often be difficult to determine the source of a problem with a corporate or internal website. This white paper will discuss the steps involved in resolving site problems on the Drupal content management platform.

Envisioning a Large-Scale Drupal Engagement with Acquia Professional Services

How Acquia Professional Services Can Help You Succeed With Large Drupal Projects
Acquia’s Professional Services team is available to help companies envision, develop, and validate their Drupal websites to ensure the success of any Drupal project, no matter how large. Whether it’s building a Drupal-based website or migrating existing content to a Drupal content management system, Acquia’s team of consultants can provide expertise, training, and a broad array of technical services to supplement in-house efforts. Learn firsthand how Acquia Professional Services can help enterprises and government agencies with Drupal website deployment.

When Higher Education Goes Digital

Staying Abreast of Changing Web Technologies
Back when the web was new, colleges and universities were among the most enthusiastic early adopters. Faculty, staff, and students launched their own web sites to support research projects and educational activities using the innovative development tools of the day. A few even invented new technologies in their labs and dorm rooms. For example, Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO of Acquia, started the Drupal project in 2001 while a student at the University of Ghent.

When Government Goes Digital with Drupal

Learn How Acquia Delivers Effective Solutions
In the current era of open government, any agency must focus on doing the public’s business as transparently and as cost-effectively as possible. Whether an agency is working at the Federal, state, or local level, serving constituents and stakeholders is its first order of business.

Citizens, communities, and businesses need to:

Find relevant information about immediate topics of interest
Share insights about important issues
Communicate with agency staff members

Drupal and the Semantic Web

This white paper describes how Drupal easily manages linked data term sets to build smart web applications for the enterprise and thus add value to web-based solutions.

Total cost of ownership of open source software

A report for the UK Cabinet Office supported by OpenForum Europe
Governments across the world want to save money, indeed they need to save money. At the same time they seek to achieve urgent transformation and reform in their organisational structures - a process that often requires new information systems and data infrastructures.

Assembling Mobile Experiences with Drupal

In this white paper you will learn how Drupal is used to develop mobile applications for the enterprise. Between mobile web apps and native mobile apps, Drupal is already a capable platform for assembling mobile experiences.

The Payoffs of PaaS

Four Ways Cloud Platform As A Service Offerings Can Improve Performance While Reducing Operational Costs
This paper explains what Platform as a Service (PaaS) is and the benefits of moving to the cloud.