What’s on the Menu? A Full Course of Drupal’s Menu System

The Menu system can be very confusing for new Drupal users. If you’re coming from a system where your site pages are created by adding content items “to a menu”, you’ll find Drupal’s decoupled menu system a bit confusing. Once you understand it, it’s very freeing and you can enjoy the flexibility. Drupal even generates menu links based on who can access or see content, so you don’t need to make user specific menus.

First in this webinar, we’ll get over the conceptual hurdle of understanding how Drupal’s menus work out of the box. Then you’ll see how you can customize and extend menus in Drupal.

You will learn about:

  • How Drupal’s menu system works for static and dynamic menus
  • Customizing Drupal menus according to various approaches
  • Adding views to menus, creating menu tabs with the Views module
  • Extending menus with popular modules
  • Responsive menus and display
  • Menu block for secondary menus
  • What’s coming in Drupal 8?