Training: What to Consider Before Writing Your RFP

Did you just choose Drupal? Are you writing your RFP? Many clients consider training as only an end-stage process. Get on the path to success right from the start with our Drupal training.

During the decision making process you probably consulted a feature comparison matrix and Drupal ticked all those boxes for you. Drupal might still be a bit of a black box to you, even as you write up your plans. If you’re writing an RFP for a project, do you find yourself relying too much on how your former system worked? You probably know that Drupal is very flexible. This is a benefit for you, but also a danger. You can convolute it in many different ways, but working with Drupal is going to save you time and money in the long term. We will teach you best practices to work with Drupal to make your projects successful.

In this webinar, we will review:

  • Common mistakes in the RFP process
  • Examples of “going against the grain” in Drupal
  • The comparative low cost of training as an early investment
  • What you will learn if you invest in formal training