Managing Web Content in the Cloud with Drupal

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How can you best manage your web content in the cloud? Why should you choose Drupal as your platform for web content management? It’s essential to focus on your content infrastructure, your customers’ expectations, and how you effectively satisfy them.

  • The interactive demands for content changes quickly, often in unforeseen ways. You need a flexible and extensible infrastructure, provided at an affordable cost.
  • While you are managing many different types of content, your customers expect seamless experiences. You need easy ways to capture, index, and store content for your many business purposes.
  • With so much information available over the web, the content you produce must be immediate useful. You need to deliver the content in the context that solves business problems.

At each step of the way, Drupal delivers unique capabilities for managing web content in the cloud. Acquia provides the essential environment, services, and solutions for leveraging Drupal. Join us for a conversation about the business benefits for using Drupal in the cloud to compete with content in the digital age.