Just Say Yes: Reducing the Complexity of Multisite Deployments

“No," for better or worse, is part of every IT and Web professional’s daily vocabulary.

Usually, saying “no” leaves one group hanging or another strapped for resources. But what if you didn’t have to say “no” and could deliver the best of both worlds for all involved parties?

Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a SaaS platform for delivering many extraordinary web experiences that enables IT and Web professionals to get to “Yes” through a robust content authoring and website management experience. The platform allows IT to focus on their highest value work while allowing the digital marketing team to meet the demands of the business with agility, governance, and full IT visibility. These benefits are achieved with NO software to install, NO servers to manage, and NO snowflake websites that lead to maintenance headaches. Now that’s the kind of “no” we like to hear!

We’re hosting a webinar with our technical partner, Appnovation, so we can show you Site Factory in action. In addition to seeing a demo of the latest product enhancements, you’ll also learn how Acquia Cloud Site Factory can help IT and Web teams:

  • Reduce the cost to manage large multisite deployments
  • Simplify site creation by giving marketing the ability to build and launch their own sites
  • Free up time to work on more business-critical apps

Register today!