Improve the ROI of Your Drupal Site with an Updated Content Strategy

Companies are constantly trying to break through the noise of social media and on the web to increase conversion rates. Competition to attract, engage and convert is becoming increasingly difficult and
content marketers are in the position to prove ROI. Reporting metrics like “increased impressions” and “better brand awareness” are not enough because companies are looking for hard before/after numbers.

This session will discuss how to prove ROI through content marketing on your websites, social media, and email, including:

  • How do I increase conversions?
  • Why are my traditional tactics (Facebook posts, blogs, link building, SEO etc) no longer working?
  • How do I reach a larger or more targeted audience?
  • How do I find a balance between personable content and advertising?
  • What metrics should I show my boss to prove long term ROI for my Drupal website?
  • What Drupal tools can I use to help me get there?​