How to Use Drupal 7 to Meet Your Accessibility Goals

How to Use Drupal 7 to Meet Your Accessibility Goals

Whether your goals are simply maximizing your profits or meeting your legal requirements, web accessibility is becoming increasingly important. Those who have tried to keep their site accessible while keeping up with the changes in technology will know the challenges that can come with keeping up with the changes in assistive technology let alone best practices.

Fortunately, Drupal 7 is a solid foundation on which to build your website when it is important to you that your site is available to as wide an audience as possible. The Drupal accessibility enhancements which have been made to Core are automatically applied to contributed modules so many of the common accessibility failings addressed whenever you are building a new feature for your site.

In this one-hour webinar, Drupal rock star & core contributor Mike Gifford, will give you an insider view on how to leverage Drupal 7 to improve your site's accessibility.

We'll cover:

  • New standards for hidden elements
  • Form elements & their adoption by tools like Webform
  • Problem areas to look out for when developing for double A compliance
  • Best practices to help maintain your accessibility over time