How to Free Up IT Time with Acquia Cloud Site Factory: 3 Cool IT Projects to Tackle in 2014

It’s a new year! If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to hitting the refresh button and kicking 2014 off with a clean slate. But as they say, old habits die hard, and without updating your digital governance processes, it’s easy to get waylaid by time consuming, low impact projects that slow your team down.

This year, resolve to embrace technology that drives efficiency across the business. Empower your digital teams to be self-sufficient, integrate technologies to gain leverage and focus your scarce resources instead on business-critical applications. To provide a little inspiration, we’re offering a webinar that explore 3 stories where Acquia customers deployed Acquia Cloud Site Factory to fundamentally change how they build and deploy branded digital properties.

Here’s a peek at what we will cover:

  • How a major entertainment company integrated their websites with their existing digital marketing tool suite, increasing email marketing conversions by 5x
  • How a global consumer products corporation was able to speed time to market for new product sites by 3x, while cutting costs in half
  • How a leading healthcare provider was able to increase total visitors and double the conversion rates on their digital marketing initiatives

It’s 2014. Start the year off right by eliminating inefficiencies and accelerating your digital business initiatives.