Going Full Throttle: How to Speed Time to Market on Marketing Campaign Sites

Did you have a list of marketing campaigns you wanted to run in 2013, but your IT department had competing priorities? If so, 2014 is your year to rev it up!

Acquia Cloud Site Factory puts marketing back in control and helps you build, deliver, and manage 100s of content-rich digital experiences through an agile self-service platform.

In this webinar, we’ll review how your marketing team can take back control of marketing projects and:

  • Create customized, branded experiences from starter templates to accelerate new site creation and deployment
  • Quickly integrate your digital marketing tool suite into owned digital properties to create holistic campaigns that increase engagement and conversions
  • Improve efficiency by managing sites for one brand (or 100s of brands) from a centralized dashboard

Take control of your digital initiatives with a platform that meets the predictability and scalability required by your IT organization, but is designed for breakthrough digital marketers.