Ensuring Success When Migrating Your Content to Drupal

Ensuring Success When Migrating Your Content to Drupal

More frequently, companies are making the decision to standardize on Drupal as their default web platform. They are enthusiastically eliminating their hodgepodge of custom sites, proprietary community tools, and disparate Content Management Systems. However, extracting valuable content out of legacy sites can be a significant challenge.

In this webinar, Acquia’s Moshe Weitzman and Mike Ryan will walk through best practices for migrating data to Drupal. They will review all phases of a migration project, including assessment, development, execution, quality assurance and launch. They will also cover tools, such as the Migrate module and Drush.

This session is applicable to architects and developers who are evaluating Drupal or embarking on a migration project to a new or existing Drupal website.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to plan a successful Drupal migration project
  • How to take advantage of Migrate module to move data out of structured data sources or legacy systems like Vignette or Jive
  • How to configure the Drupal destination to receive migrated content
  • How to execute a data migration successfully