Drupal 8 Preview: Content Authoring Improvements

Get ready! Your mobile and content authoring experiences are about to be significantly improved in Drupal 8. In our upcoming webinar, Kevin O'Leary, Director of Design, Office of the CTO at Acquia, will demo the content authoring improvements that will allow users to make site updates from multiple devices with ease.

Drupal 8 Core will include a responsive toolbar that works well on mobile devices, improved image uploading capabilities, an editor that allows you to edit nodes and blocks in-place on the page and much more!

In this session, you will get an overview of:

  • The content authoring improvements in Drupal 8
  • The new Spark capabilities in Drupal for both desktop & mobile authoring
  • Usability improvements, including the ease of in-line and "drag-and-drop" editing
  • The powerful new responsive toolbar, mobile previews and the well configured WYSIWYG tool with full text format integration