Driving Results from Enterprise Community


It’s one thing to manage a community of 100 people, but how do you scale to a community of 100,000? Especially when they’re your customers and they all have different needs? You may create the platform for a community, but without nurturing and guiding them you may be losing control, as well as the value a community focused around your brand could offer. How do you make sure you keep your community happy and healthy while making sure it still solves business objectives?

If you’re managing communities on behalf of brands large or small, join us to discuss the challenges community management presents and how to solve those challenges:

  • How do you provide value to a community of your customers?
  • How do you assign roles and responsibilities within the enterprise to manage a community?
  • What issues come up most commonly in community management, and what tools can help solve them?
  • What are the signs of a healthy community, and one that needs fixing?