Creating Engaging Online Experiences with Acquia Search

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The most important experience you can provide your site visitors is a relevant one. One simple thing often holds the key to figuring out what is relevant to each user: the search box.

To engage online visitors, Drupalists need to focus on building a killer search experience that delivers results in line with today’s functionality expectations. Acquia recently made significant enhancements to Acquia Search. Moving to Solr 3.5 has created a huge leap; ranging from 3-5X faster search response time - but that's not all we've done! Please join this webinar for an overview and demonstration of Acquia Search, and a preview of all the great new functionality we now have available.

A few highlights include:
• Geospatial search to help you create geographically relevant results.
• Acquia Search can now incorporate Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 content in the same index! This is a big one.
• Search statistics will now be available through the Acquia Network dashboard to help you quickly enhance search performance!