Build Your Best Publishing Platform with Drupal

As the demand for rich media communications accelerates across all types of organizations, it’s critical for brands to have a powerful publishing and content management platform that provides complete, automated control over the entire lifecycle of all types of media content.

Brands that fail to innovate in this way risk falling behind in the market. Instead, your customers will seek out competitors who have mastered the efficient use of highly-targeted content marketing to deliver more dynamic user experiences at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Join Acquia and CIGNEX Datamatics to learn how the Drupal & Alfresco Integrated Platform helps brands achieve speed, simplicity, scalability, and a superior user experience.

This webinar will cover best practices and a case study highlighting:

  • Critical elements of a fully integrated solution including workflow, search, and publishing
  • How Drupal delivers flexibility, scalability, and ease-of use for publishing web content
  • How Alfresco helps you better customize, catalog, archive, secure, share, and publish content to your CMS
  • How the powerful combination of Drupal and Alfresco helps you broadcast critical information live, catalog content for on-demand use, and more