Best Practices in Website Management, Part 3: How to Measure & Optimize Site Performance

From the CMO to Developers and DevOps teams, everyone in your organization should care about your website performance. Did you know that a 1-second delay in page load time can lower your site conversion rates by 7%? It can even negatively impact customer satisfaction and lower overall ROI for your web initiatives.*

Today, staying ahead of your competition requires a great digital experience that can grow and scale to meet the ever-changing needs of your prospects. The platform you build on must enable you to keep pace with the speed of the web and innovate with ease, and site performance plays a key, yet often mysterious, role in those efforts.

Join us for a discussion on why site performance matters to your entire organization, plus recommendations and lessons learned implementing winning site performance strategies:

  • Best practices like automated testing, monitoring, and benchmark reporting
  • Tips for collaborating with and motivating your web development team
  • The Grammys + NBC Universal: Stories from the front lines of scaling sites

* Source: Radware, Impact of 1-Second Delay.