Best Practices for Drupal Integrations

When doing custom integrations there are a number of questions to ask and planning is crucial. Custom integration projects can quickly become nightmares if the proper steps are not taken prior to laying any code. To ensure successful deployments you must approach Integrations with the same strategy.

Drupal integrations can range from simple one-way communication to sophisticated continuous synchronization between your platforms, which is why a successful integration project requires advanced understanding of the underlying technology, Drupal expertise, and a calculated approach to planning, implementing, and following through on the tasks at hand. We will cover the strategy that we find most effective for integration projects along with the functional and technical methods to put them to place.

In this webinar, Achieve Internet will teach you about:

  • How they build and layer web services
  • Best practices for building integrations
  • Why you integrate and what you can integrate with
  • The difference between direct vs indirect integrations
  • Drupal modules and other options for different integrations