Advance Healthcare IT with Cost Effective Technology Solutions

The focus, and heated debate, on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is causing major change in the healthcare industry. The ACA seeks to provide more affordable care and mandates the use of cutting edge technology solutions to provide inter-operability and patient engagement in order to accomplish the desired goals.

Drupal has the power and capabilities to help meet these goals, and is already Drupal is being used by a number of major Healthcare related companies from Florida Hospitals, WellPoint, Dexcom, and Alliance Imaging. Drupal has the ability to achieve and comply with the desired outcomes of the ACA, from patient engagement, physician satisfaction and inter-operability between EMR systems.

In this webinar, Achieve Internet will review how Drupal and Open Source technology solutions can greatly improve Healthcare (including patient outcomes, better patient experiences, and increased usability) by enhancing, extending and ultimately replacing the current Healthcare technology on the market.

You will learn about:

  • How the Healthcare IT industry can advance to the next level
  • Why Drupal is well positioned to provide immediate benefit
  • Past and current Drupal successes in Healthcare including Alliance Medical, Florida Hospitals, WellPoint and Dexcom