5 Tips to Prepare for a Transportation Crisis

According to the American Public Transportation Association, in 201110.4 billion trips on public transit were made in the US alone. That means 35 million times each weekday people were boarding public transit. Imagine a wide spread change in service like a strike or line outage happened. Would your online and mobile properties be able to stand up to the inevitable surge in traffic?

Join Acquia and Appnovation on this webinar, where we’ll show you the top 5 tips to ensure your public facing entities have the consistency your users need even when the rest of your service might not.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Ensure minimal site downtime by making improvements to your system
  • Guarantee consistent site service during unexpected traffic spikes
  • Use responsive design to ensure ease of use and accessibility for riders
  • Leverage success stories at BART, MTA and Metro North Railroad