Four ways companies can use open source social publishing tools to enhance their business operations

A look at how leaders are using a menu of more than 12,000 Drupal modules to enable social sharing

The Internet is a powerful tool for encouraging social interaction and collaboration. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of social news sites like Slashdot and Reddit, through which users curate the content by voting and commenting on their favorite stories. Photo-sharing sites like Flickr allow amateur and professional photographers alike to share their work and group it into community galleries.

Even traditional news organizations like The Washington Post have embraced social media and social sharing technology: The company recently rolled out a Social Reader app that allows users to passively share the stories they are reading with their Facebook friends.

These high-profile companies are just the tip of the iceberg: A recent survey from Regus found that 43% of all businesses in the United States are now using social tools to engage with customers and employees and acquire new customers.