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Rocket Software

Rocket Software Gains Lift with Move to Acquia Cloud

Company Boosts Engagement, Lowers TCO with Consolidated Digital Experience

What started as a project to unify 14 different websites on a secure, high-performing platform paid additional dividends for Waltham, MA- based Rocket Software. Page views and time spent on Rocket’s new site soared as the company delivered a more immersive digital experience. With Acquia and Drupal, Rocket also gained greater digital agility and a platform for continuous innovation.

The Problem

The entire project began with a bump—or in this case, a hole—in the road. Rocket, which makes software for IBM mainframes, was in the process of moving its datacenter when the truck carrying its servers hit a large pothole. The blade on the server that held all the company’s websites cracked. All the data was lost, and Rocket had no backup.

The loss provided Rocket with an opportunity to start over. Like many big companies, Rocket had grown by acquisition, adding new products to its portfolio over time. But each new product came with its own identity and web platform. After two decades, Rocket found itself with 14 subdomains, all with a different look and feel from the main site. Visitors struggled to find their way around the site and with four different content management systems (CMS)—Plone prominent among them—site administration was a major hassle.

With a clean slate from which to work, Rocket set out to build a unified digital experience for its entire portfolio. The company decided to take the opportunity to consolidate its sites to a single CMS and move to a secure cloud platform so it would never suffer another catastrophic data loss.

How they did it

Rocket opted for the flexibility and innovation of Drupal. The open source, modular CMS provides greater agility for delivering immersive digital experiences. The platform also offers endless opportunities for customization and connection with digital marketing and analytic tools.

Security and reliability were also important factors. “One of the first things I wanted to do was to bring a technology partner on board that would ensure our sites are performing—a partner that would handle security, backups, and everything else,” said Keith Paul, social business and digital strategist for Rocket. Paul felt Acquia would be the best choice, and proceeded to build a business case around it.

“I did the math,” Paul said. “I found the discreet hours that went into maintaining our previous servers and content management systems and came up with a dollar figure for what those hours were worth. I showed my team that Acquia would lower our total cost of ownership by $20,000 annually.”

Rocket selected Genuine Interactive, a full-service digital agency as its digital partner to launch the new RocketSoftware.com. Genuine lead the digital strategy, design, and the Drupal implementation for Rocket’s new site.

“We knew Rocket’s priority was to fix the infrastructure, but we also helped them rethink the user experience,” said Genuine Interactive’s Andrew Rohman. “We worked with Rocket to build the content and user-experience strategy to ensure it complemented Rocket’s sales team efforts to streamline its overall brand experience. What’s more, we got them to a place where, with the exception of any major enhancements, they’d be self-sufficient.”

As for continued performance and reliability, “Acquia and Drupal go hand in hand,” Rohman said. “Drupal gave Rocket greater flexibility, but Acquia is able to provide enterprise-level support.”

The results

Today, the new RocketSoftware.com features a sleek, clean, cohesive experience that supports the company’s initiatives. Visitors are welcomed with an intuitive navigation and consistent look as they discover content and information covering Rocket’s product portfolio.

Through a single CMS, Rocket easily manages its 14 product-specific sites, providing administrators a central place where they can store, organize, and deliver content. Through Drupal and the well-planned site architecture, RocketSoftware.com is equipped to increase leads and improve cross-selling opportunities for its sales force.

Since the site launched, visitors are spending up to 50 percent more time on the site and page views have gone up 30 percent per visit. A unified administrative system means that Rocket can maintain a consistent structure and aesthetics across all its product families. The site also connects with Google Analytics to provide insight on user behavior.

What’s more, Acquia provides a platform for continuous innovation. Acquia’s automated workflow makes it easy for Rocket to deploy content and make changes across development, staging, and production environments. And its high-performance infrastructure ensures reliability that enterprises require. With the flexibility of Drupal and Acquia’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Rocket now has a digital presence to support its sales efforts today and into the future.

Acquia and Drupal go hand in hand. Drupal gave Rocket flexibility as well as the enterprise- level support they required.
Andrew Rohman
Genuine Interactive

Company Information

Rocket Software
Drupal user since 2012
Acquia client since 2012
The Numbers
  • $20,000 lower TCO annually Ž
  • Visitors spend 50 percent more time on page Ž
  • Page views increased by 30 percent

Success Enabled With

  • Drupal deployment and site design by Genuine Interactive
  • ŽAcquia Cloud for ensured performance and continuous innovation