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Blink Reaction

Blink Reaction partners with Acquia to create exceptional Drupal websites

Support, hosting, and more let Blink focus on development, tackle bigger projects

Case study on the company Blink Reaction and how it partnered with Acquia to maximize ability to create websites.

Web developer Blink Reaction knew that it had the skills to deliver Drupal support and hosting services to its clients. But it also knew that doing so would take time away from the company’s core focus — creating and developing outstanding websites.

Nancy Stango, CEO of Blink Reaction, explained. “Blink’s core business is web development. We don’t want to have to develop specialties in configuration or hosting when we can access best of breed services through Acquia.” She found that the company could provide the technical support, cloud hosting, and other Drupal-related services that let her focus on Blink Reaction’s strengths.

“The availability of top-grade commercial Drupal support lets us pitch to companies who consider that a requisite to any technology.”
— Nancy Stango, CEO, Blink Reaction

How they do it

Blink Reaction specializes in developing scalable, flexible, enterprise-class websites that have to be robust and provide high performance to respond to client demands. Some sites support online communities with hundreds of thousands of active users, while others must integrate with services
like Salesforce.com for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Alfresco for ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Many clients also require that their sites connect well to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

To meet these needs, Blink Reaction’s primary content management system (CMS) is the popular open-source platform Drupal. “Drupal is so powerful and extensible that we were immediately attracted to it” said Stango. “But once we began using it to build custom web sites we realized its benefits went far beyond that. With one of the most active and intelligent communities of developers, and a top-notch commercial and enterprise support structure like Acquia, it became clear that Drupal was an ideal platform to build the future of our business on.”

But once the site is built, Stango trusts Acquia to manage the site’s day-to- day needs. “We partnered with Acquia because it provides what we need but should not be doing ourselves,” says Stango. “We can make a strategic hand- off that puts customers directly into Acquia’s capable support system.”

Although that hand-off occurs after most of Blink Reaction’s work is done, Stango points out that the availability of Acquia’s resources helps in the sales process as well. “The availability of top-grade commercial Drupal support lets us pitch to companies who consider that a requisite to any technology. As an Acquia partner, we can commit high-level support, including hosting and remote monitoring. That gives us a distinct advantage during the bidding process.”

Partnership with Acquia has also allowed Blink Reaction to provide service it otherwise couldn’t. As Stango said, “Acquia’s support also lets web developers like Blink Reaction compete for business that would otherwise have incurred prohibitive support demands. We can pitch prospects with a wider range of schedules and other requirements without having to hire new staff.”

The results

“Not every opportunity needs all, or any of these additional services,” admits Ms. Stango. “But it’s reassuring that, when we do need these services — and we often do — we can leverage Acquia to meet customer needs, without placing an undue strain on my team.”

She continued, “To our customers, our portfolio of offerings appears seamless. By partnering with Acquia, Blink offers a better solution, and we get to focus on what we do best — and love most. Our partnership with Acquia perfectly complements our services, helping us focus on our strengths and grow our business.”

We highly recommend that all our clients put their sites on Acquia Cloud. It enables performance- optimized versions of Drupal and implements best practices in specialized server software, tuning, and testing.
Nancy Stango

Company Information

„Blink Reaction
Web development
Acquia partner since 2009
  • „Nonprofit National September 11 Memorial and Museum
  • „„E-learning U.S. Department of Defense Child Development Virtual Laboratory School
  • „„Corporate Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. (Beauty Systems Group)
  • „„Publishing Sunshine State News
  • „„Social networking Friendfactor