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Windows Loves Drupal [June 27, 2012]

Windows Loves Drupal [June 27, 2012]

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Nowadays, you can expect to be able to successfully combine your organization's Microsoft infrastructure with open source projects like Drupal. Windows and Microsoft have changed a lot since the dark ages when the gap from them to the world of open source seemed unbridgeable. IIS 7.x and Windows Azure are platforms written with interoperability in mind. More and more of their components are being released under open source licenses, too. Drupal runs great on IIS servers thanks to FastCGI and Wincache. It can be deployed in a matter of minutes along with all the required dependencies via WebPI and Drush.

This webinar will show you how to leverage your Drupal experience with Windows technologies, starting from a basic deployment up to any type of scenario at any scale. URL rewriting, memcached, solr, scalability tools a la Varnish? You can have them all on Windows. On the DBMS side, you can choose between MySQL and SQL Server, whose free express edition can be installed with a few clicks via WebPi.

You will see that all the Drupal technology stack works like a charm on the Windows ecosystem, providing also great opportunity for integration with the whole world of Microsoft servers and applications.

Take aways:
* Why should you think about IIS and Azure as a platform for Drupal
* How to easily deploy a typical Drupal setup on Windows
* How to use Drush and Web Deploy to manage your Drupal sites on Windows
* How to use SQL Server as a great backend option for Drupal

Alessandro Pilotti is a consultant based in Verona, Italy where he manages Cloudbase Solutions Srl – an Italian IT services, development, and training company– and Timisoara, Romania where he is involved in a colocation startup.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012