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Why Marketing Driven Organizations Like Dell Are Building WEM Solutions on Drupal [June 5, 2012]

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Traditionally, IT organizations have leveraged web technologies to build out a company's one-way online marketing presence. Today, more and more Digital Marketing organizations need to be empowered to create, manage, and measure the effectiveness of more personalized digital content and campaigns across channels of engagement.

Listen to Acquia and VML representatives discuss how Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions built on the Drupal platform offers the most open, flexible, and fastest time to market to embrace constantly changing customer and market conditions. By implementing this strategy, marketing leaders can deliver on their online goals of developing loyal brand advocates, generating new demand, and expanding their digital footprint as they measure and refine programs along the way.

In this webinar, you will learn:

 Today's Digital Marketing challenges and opportunities created by the explosion of new social media channels and mobile devices.
 The core business benefits of building WEM solutions on the Drupal platform to create, connect, convert, and capture captivating web experiences.
 How Dell is leveraging Drupal to build out a WEM solution that includes advanced lead generation and personalization capabilities for their Cloud Business Applications project.
 Why Drupal is chosen by companies like Dell who are looking for the most open, flexible, innovative platform for creating immersive customer experiences.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012