Translation Management for the Enterprise

Drupal has the technical infrastructure for running multilingual sites. Knowing the ins and outs of the system and configuration, however, is not a trivial task.

Building scalable translation workflows that fit your organization's needs is even harder. How can you run a truly multilingual site with Drupal without going insane or broke?

The new Translation Management module is how. Built as a wrapper on top of Drupal's core translation tools and the i18n module, the Translation Management module is a new effort to automate or streamline the entire process.

This session will show how your organization can benefit from a defined "Translator" role - a person or group of people who interact with your site solely to provide translations.

It will discuss the benefits of having the translation tools consolidated, with managed queues for each translator, as opposed to having translation tasks spread throughout your whole site, requiring different interfaces for each type of translatable item.

The session will also address the workflow issues around initiating translations, managing the life-cycle of translations and quality assurance of translations.