Leveraging Cloud to Optimize IT Investment


Higher Margins from Online Communities: Leveraging Cloud to Optimize IT Investment

Social networking has changed the way we communicate, connect and learn. World events cause peaks and valleys in our social stream; as do our business lives riddled with unexpected events as well as our daily collaboration amongst co-workers. As such, social is increasingly relied upon and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.

How are organizations able to maintain, support, and scale to meet the needs of that activity stream? The expectation remains that these networks will always be available and responsive as these peaks and valleys are encountered.

This massive growth of social media has directly impacted IT resources and budgets; increasing volume and variability of requests from different departments potentially using a variety of systems has created an ongoing maintenance and management challenge.

Join Acquia for this upcoming webinar where attendees will learn how:

  • To scale with the growth and challenges of managing social networks
  • Other organizations have addressed their own social needs and strengthened their brand
  • Social-as-a-Service, delivered in the Cloud can help address these challenges and relieve IT burdens

Jeff Kaplan, who has been at the forefront of exploring the business implications of “on-demand” services, will help us to explore the business challenges posed by social media and facilitate the conversation around how Social-as-a-Service can help address the growing pains of accommodating organizations’ immediate community needs.