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Integrating Accessibility into Your Public Sector Site [June 7, 2012]

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When accessibility is considered at the beginning of a web project, it adds a nominal 10% of time and cost. However, if ignored, your organization can expect double the cost and effort to fix accessibility issues after the fact.

Section 508 and WCAG are great requirements and specifications, but integrating them can be difficult, if not confusing without the right resources and direction. To better streamline this approach, Phase2 Technology has adopted a "Guerrilla Accessibility Testing" approach to be deployed throughout the development process to help create holistic, accessible solutions that not only meet compliance, but also create more usable, friendly sites for everyone. This process can be used at any organization.

In this upcoming webinar, guest presenter Phase2 Technology will provide the guidelines and steps for replicating this process. They will discuss how to leverage Drupal in OpenPublic, a content-management system specially designed for the government, to support accessible content creation for both users of the system and visitors to a site.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012