How Leading Marketers Create Optimal Multichannel Digital Experiences


How Leading Marketers Create Optimal Multichannel Digital Experiences

To be successful today, you must create informed, intimate and immediate interactions with your customers. Smartphones, tablets, eReaders, laptops, iWatches, and goggles are all tools to reach the customer. Every touch-point and interaction must be coordinated and all of these platforms must perform as though they are one.
Stephen Powers, Forrester’s VP and Research Director, will show you how to ensure a great digital experience for your prospects and customers to increase your bottom line. In this fast-paced webinar, Stephen will show you:

  • How to deliver personalized, contextualized experiences and targeted messages that increase engagement and conversion
  • Specific examples of best-in-class digital experiences from B2B
  • What you, as a B2B marketer, need to know to plan, execute and optimize your Digital Experience delivery strategy

Join us and be on the cutting edge that B2B marketers need to know to deliver the most effective digital experience possible!

Date & time: 
Thursday, May 30, 2013 01:00 PM EDT
60 min
Stephen Powers, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research