How Cloud PaaS Can Improve Performance


How Cloud PaaS Can Improve Performance while Reducing Operational Costs

As IT organizations increasingly face the challenges of managing the complexity of delivering superior application performance and reliability across a disparate range of technology and deployment environments, the Cloud has emerged as a cost-effective means to build virtual data centers. But Infrastructure platforms like Amazon Web Services don't preclude companies from needing experienced systems administrators to build and manage their applications.

In order to address this gap, companies such as Acquia, have begun providing PaaS, Platform as a Service offerings, which includes not only the physical hardware, but also provides an expertly managed, application appropriate stack. Which means organizations can focus more singularly on their applications.

Jeff Kaplan, who has been at the forefront of exploring the business implications of “on-demand” services, will lead a discussion with Bryan House, the VP Product Marketing at Acquia, around how Acquia's offering of a Drupal Platform as a Service is helping IT organizations meet this challenge.

Using the open-source WCMS, Drupal, Acquia's Cloud platform and specific customer case studies, participants will learn what PaaS really means to an organization in terms of both delivering improved performance while reducing costs.