Four Open Source Drupal Applications for Higher Ed


IT departments are continually faced with a variety of web challenges, these challenges have caused Universities to re-examine their online strategies and move from proprietary to open source software. Proprietary technologies are expensive, offer little flexibility, and don’t leave much room for innovation. Today, faculty members, researchers, and educators demand and need new ways to collaborate, publish information online, and interact with students. Universities need a more innovative, flexible approach to reduce costs, deploy applications quicker, and build next generation web experiences.

This has resulted in two trends: widespread Drupal adoption on campuses, and the emergence of Drupal applications tailored for specific needs. These “distributions” reduce development time, costs, and enable internal resources to focus on developing innovative web experiences. Join Bryan House, VP of Product Marketing from Acquia, for this one-hour webinar and learn how Drupal can help you:

  • create online, collaborative communities for faculty, students, and alumni
  • empower faculty to design and outline courses more effectively
  • get started with Drupal Distributions as your development foundation