DrupalCon SF 2010: MongoDB - Humongous Drupal

Drupal sites live or die by their database. For years we've accepted the strengths (and weaknesses) of RDBMS, mostly MySQL, sometimes PostgreSQL, but serious alternate contenders for storing our data have not been available. The convergence of two awesome things, Drupal 7 and MongoDB (from "humongous"), are changing that, and ushering in a new era of LAMP.
Meet Mongo Mitch

MongoDB was born out of the need for three things: speed, scale and simplicity. Mitch shows you what all the fuss is about, and demonstrates just how easy it is to get started. See how developers are taking advantage of MongoDB to do things they would never attempt with a legacy relational database - such as real-time analytics, extreme scale, and distributed sharding in the cloud.
Damien and Robert Show Humongous D7

Drupal 7 on MongoDB is a reality, right now, thanks to the awesome contributions of chx, Damien Tournoud, dereine, fgm, Doug Green and others. While it isn't possible (or necessarily desirable) to replace your entire RDBMS with MongoDB, you can throw a lot of Drupal's data in Mongo's direction and give your DB server a well deserved break while providing a new vector for scalability.

At this moment you can store the following Drupal 7 data in MongoDB. The door is also open for better Drupal 6 integration.

* D7: mongodb_cache: Store cache items in mongodb.
* D7: mongodb_field_storage: Store the fields in mongodb.
* D7: mongodb_session: Store sessions in mongodb.
* D6/D7: mongodb_watchdog: Store the watchdog messages in mongodb
* D6/D7: mongodb: support library for the other modules

In this session we'll cover the basics, such as installing MongoDB for use by Drupal, a demonstration of the various storage options, and present initial benchmarks to show you why MongoDB might be a part of your next big Drupal site.

About the presenters: Mitch Pirtle, author of the upcoming title MongoDB for Web Development is a long-time open software and web content management advocate and guru.

Damien Tournoud - top core contributor and one of the authors of the MongoDB module for Drupal.

Chx - the undistractable, co-author of the MongoDB module for Drupal. He works for Clarity Digital and runs Mongo instances with 180M+ documents in a single collection and reads that with Drupal.

Robert Douglass, Senior Drupal Advisor at Acquia, loves anything that makes Drupal sites go fast.