DrupalCon SF 2010: The Future of Drupal in Government

In the past year, there has been much discussion about Drupal as a platform to serve Government. As we strive to help governments improve efficiency, transparency, accountability, and participation, it becomes more apparent that Drupal is naturally equipped to solve many of these challenges. But at the same time, there are incredible counter-forces at play, and implementers need to be aware of them. For instance: transparency is at odds with security, participation is at odds with privacy, etc.

This session will explore the topic from several angles, including what implementing Drupal in government can mean for the community from consultants experienced in the largest of government implementations. We will address:

* What can Drupal (as both a community and a platform) gain from government adoption?

* What Does Drupal need to embrace in order to satisfy government requirements?

* How will government adoption change Drupal?

This session is for anyone involved in government implementation as well as those curious about it. We will address some technical concepts about security, scalability, extensibility, but from the use-case level.