DrupalCon SF 2010: Drupal Gardens: Design to online in 15 minutes

Come hear from Acquia's co-founder and CTO Dries Buytaert about Acquia's newest product, Drupal Gardens. Drupal Gardens is a SAS version of Drupal 7, where you can go from design to online in 15 minutes. This Drupal Gardens update will showcase the latest features that have been added to the product, including improvements to the theme builder, template chooser, media library and more. Gardens' "Socially Smart" and Community centric features will also be a main focus of this session.

Attendees will:
- Get a demo of Drupal Gardens
- Hear about the updates / improvements that have been made over the past few months
- Learn why Gardens is a "Socially Smart" platform
- Hear about the latest happenings at Acquia and what is in our future roadmap