DrupalCon SF 2010: Building a viral marketing and customer rewards e-commerce site

You have a killer product - best in its class. You build a great website with the best CMS in the world (Drupal of course!) You make a slick jQuery widget that makes people go "oooh!" But you have no money to waste on expensive advertising and marketing. How then, do you increase sales exponentially and let your customers do all the talking?

In this case study we show you how one German bodybuilder, plus Drupal and Ubercart, plus embed widgets and a simple customer rewards system based on Userpoints, led to a 1000% increase in sales in a matter of a few months.

This session covers topics including:

* Creating a rewards program that lets your customers earn and spend points
* Creating a referral program that motivates customers to get friends to sign up
* Using coupons to drive sales, earn points, and win new business
* Using embed widgets to go massively viral and turn every customer on MySpace or Facebook into a marketing agent