DrupalCon Paris 2009 Session: Performance and High Availability Best Practices

How reliable is your web site? If one server at your hosting provider goes down, will it take your site with it? How quickly and confidently can you restore from backups? You DO have backups, right?

Deploying Drupal on multiple servers can reduce or eliminate single points of failure, but the cost and complexity of such environments are much higher than for a stand-alone web server. In this panel session, we'll discuss best practices for keeping your site up as much as possible. Possible topics will include:

Load balancing across multiple web nodes for reliability
Making database backups without killing your database server performance
Restoring from backups without losing your data
Sharing user-uploaded files across multiple web nodes without depending on a single NFS server
How these solutions differ between traditional/colo hosting and cloud environments
An endless variety of other possibilities