DrupalCon Paris 2009 Session: Here comes localize.drupal.org! (Part 1)

DrupalCon Paris 2009 Session presented by Gábor Hojtsy

The Drupal.org site family just got a new member: localize.drupal.org. While it also helped pioneer single sign-on on drupal.org, its core goal is to highly simplify the localization of Drupal projects. As a central installation of the Localization Server project originally sponsored by Google Summer of Code, it is set up to offer text from the source code of projects released on drupal.org for translation on a web based user interface. It replaces CVS and the cumbersome release scheduling that was required to be done previously.

All of the promises of the localize.drupal.org site will only be fulfilled after more testing and the migration of all translations to this service, however it changes translation workflows and makes it almost too easy for Drupal users to contribute their translations back to the community from the comfort of their own website, so we are ahead of some exciting times.