Drupal in the Trenches: Solving Real World Problems


Systems fail. Websites crash. Sometimes you’re mentioned on Oprah. You need to act and act fast. Knowing how to troubleshoot decisively can save you time, money, and reputation when things go wrong. Join Kenny Silanskas (webkenny) from Acquia’s Client Advisory Team as we take a look at Drupal from the front line of enterprise level sites and discuss troubleshooting techniques that will change the way you see problems when they surface.

We’ll cover:

  • What is the problem? Simple question. Complex answer.
  • Why Drupal, Ogres, and Onions are the same. Peeling back the layers of any issue.
  • When to hack core. Getting your problems out in the open using the code.
  • How to debug. Using professional tools for the job.
  • When the fit hits the shan. Staying calm during critical situations.