Delivering the Right Mobile Experience with Drupal

Delivering the Right Mobile Experience with Drupal
The mobile revolution is well underway. It's clear to most businesses and institutions that we either need to design for mobile before any other device, or at least consider it, in a large way when delivering content to our audiences. Drupal provides a stable platform for delivering content across multiple devices, but there are things to take into consideration when deciding how your content is delivered. Should you use Drupal to deliver content to a native mobile application, a stand-along mobile version of the site, or a responsive version of your desktop website?

This Webinar will discuss how do determine the best mobile format for delivering your content along with some techniques for doing so. Topics discussed are:

  • Determining what your clients need to be doing in the mobile space
  • Approaches to mobile web (standard, responsive etc.)
  • Case study on a mobile specific approach
  • Case study on a responsive design approach