Build successful sites fast with Drupal distributions


Build successful sites fast with Drupal distributions like Commons, OpenPublish, and COD
The efficient development of complex websites with the Drupal content management framework requires knowledge and experience in selecting the right modules and configuring their interaction. When planning your information architecture (content types, menus, roles, permissions, etc.) there are many roads that lead to Rome. Preconfigured Drupal distributions save site builders from having to make many difficult decisions by implementing proven best practices out-of-the-box in easy-to-install packages.

The webinar will include some of the most interesting distributions out there right now, built for purposes as diverse as community building, conference management, and news portals. Daniel Nolde and Reinhard Gloggengiesser, founders and CEOs of the German Drupal Agency Wunderkraut show you how to setup, extended, and individually configure Drupal distributions. Also on the program: the strengths and weaknesses of various distributions, as well as tips and tricks for working with them efficiently.

In this webinar, Daniel Nolde and Reinhard Gloggengiesser will cover the following topics:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of each distribution?
  • How to extend and customize distributions while maintaining their updatability.
  • Good examples of the use of distributions?
  • Tips and tricks to help developing your own distribution.