Acquia sponsored session: Accelerating Drupal Adoption through SaaS, Distros and more

In this session, Acquia co-founder and CTO Dries Buytaert will walk through Acquia's newest products, Drupal Commons and Drupal Gardens. Dries and team will give demonstrations of both products and discuss how Acquia is building these products and others to make it easier for enterprises to succeed with Drupal. This session is intended for people using or considering Drupal for new sites and applications, as well as partners and Drupal development shops seeking to understand how to work with Acquia.

Attendees will:
Learn about the latest theming and site-building capabilities in Drupal Gardens
Hear how Enterprises can use Drupal Gardens as site prototyping and deployment platform
See how Drupal Commons - Acquia's social business distribution for community sites - works and can be customized
Learn how Acquia's customer service team is helping organizations host and manage large, high performance Drupal websites