Visibility and Control for your business-critical Drupal Apps

New Relic provides SaaS application performance management services for, PHP (Drupal, Wordpress and more), Ruby, Java, and .NET. Its Standard level service is available free to Acquia customers and lets you monitor applications in production, troubleshoot potential performance issues proactively, and tune app for optimal long-term performance. New Relic is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to ensure superior service delivery for their critical web apps. With its easy installation, intuitive user interface, and robust features, New Relic was designed to provide enterprise-class capabilities without enterprise-class headaches.

Solve performance issues today!

New Relic's Web app performance management tools let your IT team monitor live Drupal apps, trouble shoot issues, and tune performance. New Relic Standard comes with every Acquia Network subscription for free! ($288 value).

Real-time visibility into your Drupal apps is just minutes awayReal-time visibility into your Drupal apps is just minutes away

Acquia and New Relic have teamed to help you ensure the health and availability of your production Drupal web apps — or any PHP-based app or framework — with free New Relic Standard. Now you can monitor response time and throughput including memcache, database and external services and troubleshoot potential issues proactively. With automatic, one-click integration into the Acquia console, you're just minutes away from complete visibility into your Drupal app.

Now you can see inside PHP!Now you can see inside PHP!

Whether deployed in the cloud or in the datacenter, to manage Drupal apps (or any other PHP-based app like Wordpress) you need the right tools! New Relic can monitor, troubleshoot and tune PHP apps by giving you visibility inside memcache as well as database calls that utilize the PHP Data Object (PDO) abstraction layer. Or use New Relic Professional to create and monitor your own custom PHP metrics. Use RPM’s production monitoring capabilities to track PHP application throughput and response time performance in real-time and take action now.

Find application bottlenecks with New RelicFind application bottlenecks

Running tests in staging is good, but nothing beats seeing how your Drupal app stands up to real production use. New Relic gives you unparalleled end-to-end visibility inside PHP applications. Now you can see from the inside how fast your app responds, what your customers are experiencing, and how transactions are being handled by the database and the app itself.