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Drupal Commons for Customer Care

Drupal Commons for Customer Care

Drupal Commons empowers you to provide a self-supporting community for your customers.

If your customer has a problem with your product or service, where do they go? And how can you provide customer care in a cost-effective way for a large number of customers?

The answer is an electronic community. An active community provides passionate customers a place to get, and give answers. An active community can be the most visible and effective way for you to shape your brand and foster customer loyalty.

What’s more, you scale your current customer support team and reduce support costs by allowing customers to find their answers electronically, as well as support each other. With tools like an online knowledge base, and effective discussion groups and forums, up to 90% of customer issues resolved within the community.

Social Business lets you engage customers to:

  • Test new feature ideas. By enabling voting on ideas, your Drupal Commons site can provide you with key insights into what your customers' biggest desires are.
  • Share success stories. Both you, and your customers, have great experiences with your product. Encourage your staff - and your customers - to blog about it on your community site.
  • Conduct market research. Use the polling features of Drupal Commons to start a multiple-choice poll, and optionally let voters leave comments on the results page to expand on their views.
  • Crowdsource expertise. Need to create and manage an FAQ, but the answers are changing fast and frequently? Your community will help you if you put your FAQ up as a wiki page, and let them help keep the content up-to-date.

With these features and more, there are no boundaries to the extent your Customer Care community site will help your business. The power of the social web – and Drupal Commons – will help you exceed your customer service goals.

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