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TraceView (formerly Tracelytics) by AppNeta


Smarter, Easier Drupal Application Performance Monitoring

Special for Acquia Network Subscribers: 50% discount all TraceView annual subscription plans through March 15, 2013 —sign up now, get performance insight in minutes!

TraceView is the full-stack, SaaS-based application performance monitoring solution by AppNeta. Combining full-stack application tracing with brilliant data visualization and segmenting, TraceView gives you unparalleled vision into your PHP (hey there, Drupal user!), Python, Java and Ruby web application’s performance.

TraceView on the Acquia Network installs in one click and scales with your operation. And, consumption-based pricing allows you to deploy TraceView on all the servers in your infrastructure without incurring additional per-host fees to inflate your costs.
Start monitoring now!

TraceView – SaaS-based, full-stack application performance management solution that
pinpoints issues, improves Drupal application performance and assures end-user experience. Acquia Network subscribers receive a 50% discount on all TraceView annual subscription plans through March 15, 2013!

Application Performance Monitoring
Visualize the performance of any request, or slice of data, in your application. This monitoring covers you from end to end, giving insight to the performance of services and databases that your application relies on.

Real User Monitoring
See what your website's visitors experience from the moment they click until the page has loaded. Monitor page load times, catch Javascript errors, and find out which browsers and regions of the world are receiving the best- and worst-site performance.

Advanced Analysis & Real Data Visualizations
TraceView's powerful filters and visualizations pinpoint the cause of application latency. Find your trouble spots and catch issues that only affect a portion of your users through our unique traffic partitioning system and heatmaps.

Error Reporting and Alerting
We understand that it's important to fix sources of errors and exceptions quickly, which is why we capture errors and present them to you with the request's entire context.

Server Monitoring
TraceView will keep an eye on all of your host's metrics, including disk utilization, memory, and processor load, and alert you if any of these cross your boundaries.

About AppNeta
AppNeta is revolutionizing IT Performance Management with the first cloud-delivered service for integrated, end- to-end visibility across networks and applications. AppNeta delivers an industry-first SaaS portfolio of End User Experience monitoring services with broad, cross application performance visibility and unprecedented network performance insight. AppNeta arms network and application engineers with the end-to-end visibility needed to know how users experience applications across the network. Learn more at: http://www.appneta.com/products/traceview