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Acquia Lift


Acquia Lift

Unify customer data across channels and sources to drive conversion

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Track the behavior of anonymous and identified customers throughout their buying journey—from first point of interaction to repeat purchase

The Unified Customer Profile


Cross-Channel Historical and Real-Time Behavior

Acquia Lift creates a unified customer profile for unique customer by collecting and centralizing data from all of your existing marketing technologies and channels—including websites, email marketing platforms, marketing automation tools, social platforms, mobile apps, call center transactions, and third-party and offline data sources. Lift progressively builds upon this rich profile in real time with every customer action.


Anonymous & Identified Customers

Lift tracks the behavior of both anonymous and identified visitors to your site across sessions and devices and automatically merges profiles when an anonymous visitor identifies himself--providing your organization with the most complete picture of your customer.

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Real-time Segmentation & Personalization

Using these unified customer profiles, Lift adaptively segments customers in real-time—allowing marketers to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.



  • Rules-based segmentation engine adapts to changing behavior
  • Rules-based decision engine shows relevant content to individual segments
  • A/B/n or multivariate testing and auto-personalization deliver optimal content
  • Omnichannel integration connects data sources for personalized experiences across all touchpoints

Actionable Insight

Digital marketing teams are seeking competitive advantage through real-time, insight-driven interactions with their customers. Building a progressive profile about your visitors’ interests and behavior allows you to adapt your digital experience at an individual level resulting in significantly increased user engagement and conversion rates.

Business Results

  • Break down customer data silos
  • Improve reporting
  • Generate better customer insights
  • Increase awareness and engagement
  • Increase conversion (registration, purchase)
  • Shorten sales cycles by engaging prospects with your sales team faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and the lifetime value of customer